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Trimax™ Perfect Eyebrow Trimmer

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Trimax™ Flawless Eyebrow Trimmer is an innovative tool designed to remove unwanted facial and body hair and shape eyebrows without waxing, threading or tweezing. With a compact and lightweight design, it is ideal for traveling but also durable enough for daily use.

Detail trimmer with 360° precision head can easily and comfortably shave those hard-to-reach areas. The dual-edge blade is well-suited for body hair while the small blade lets you trim fine face hair with confidence. Great for detailing & edging.

Safe, gentle and effective - Eliminates both coarse and fine hair. Suitable for use on any body part including eyebrows, upper lip, underarm, legs and bikini line.


  • Pain-free Brow Shaping
    Allows you to gently remove unwanted hair without cutting yourself or using more painful hair removal methods. Shape and groom eyebrows without going to expensive salon!

  • Natural Trimming
    No more waxing, threading or tweezing. The most chemical-free, natural way to groom your brows/ facial hair.

  • Protective Sharp Blades
    Made of stainless steel, durable blade for sharp grooming. Engineered with safety guards to prevent protect skin from cuts, redness and further irritation.

  • Easy Control
    The handle is long enough to grip ergonomically, providing precise control for flawless eyebrow shaping.

  • Not only for Brows
    Removes both coarse and fine hair/peach fuzz on the face. Applicable for upper lip, chin, underarm, arms, legs and bikini line.

  • Protective Cover
    Comes with a cover that protects the trimmer well and keeps it clean. It is compact and lightweight — just throw it into your bag for everyday emergencies.


    • Size: 13cm x 2cm
    • Color: RoseGold/ White/ Pink
    • Powered by: 1 x AAA batteries (not included)


    • 1 x Trimax™ Perfect Eyebrow Trimmer